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236 West Mountain Street, Suite 111
Pasadena,  California 91103

Phone:  626-792-9866


Monday- Friday
8 am – 11 pm  &  3 pm – 7 pm

8 am – 10 am

8 am - 11 am


Why do Le Studio clients have private sessions?

We meet with each client individually to discuss specific fitness goals. Many of our clients have injuries that limit their range of motion. Some have had  surgeries, hip or knee replacements. Because our studio treats every client as an individual, we are able to design a workout that helps every client meet their fitness goals.

Why not just buy a Pilates DVD?

We recommend having a professional teach you how to do the exercises. Sometimes correcting the position of your arm or leg by as little as an inch can enhance the quality of the exercise.

Another reason to make an appointment with Le Studio Pilates is that while many people have the best intentions to work out, we all know that intentions don’t get us in shape. If you make an appointment to come in, you may feel a sense of obligation to keep that appointment. Many of our clients tell us that this system helps keep them on track.
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